Graphic Design

Creation of unique, customised designs and artwork for all types of graphic communications printed or electronic.


Company brandmarks, product and service branding and style guides.


Short run digital, large volume offset – web press, wide format and apparel sublimation printing. From business cards to outdoor signage artwork is created to produce the best printed materials.


Sublimated printing for branded corporate and team wear. For your next corporate event or when your sports club needs new apparel consider us, will we ensure your brand or club logo looks its absolute best!

It pays to look good

It is a well known fact, when you look good, you feel great and confident. The same rule applies when it comes to the look of your business and how it presents itself to the public – existing and potential customers. First impressions are everything – especially considering todays cluttered market place. Good graphic design will help immediately to capture the attention you need.

Graphic design can be a powerful method of attracting and retaining customers and positioning your product or service for a move into new markets. However some businesses believe that engaging a professional graphic designer is a cost that they can avoid. Below are some reasons why that type of thinking could lead to poor results for your branding, advertising and marketing efforts.

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Effective design gives customers a reason for selecting you and not your competitors. It is a valuable source of differentiation – a well designed product or service will stand out from the competition. If your brand is not working everyday to bring you business it could be time to consider reviewing your

Always look sharp

Looking sharp is a sure fire way to keep your business or product image clear and clean. Sharp vector graphics, crisp lines, typography, layout, colour, photography and quality printing all contribute to obtaining a professional look. Undervalue the importance of design and looking sharp and you may miss out on vital opportunities.

Design can bring a range of benefits if used systematically across your business. These benefits include:

– Increased sales of your products or services
– Improved market position relative to your competitors
– A stronger identity for your business
– Greater customer loyalty
– The ability to create new products and services and open up new markets

The key here is to create a consistent look across of graphical elements, stationery, signage and marketing materials.